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Control System Design


Reygar designs and builds custom control and monitoring systems to customer requirements for a wide range of marine (and other) applications. We can provide control systems for:

  • Propulsion and steering

  • Pumping and ballasting

  • Winches and capstans combining tension monitoring

  • Specialist subsea electro-mechanical tools

  • Switching of vessel services, e.g bilge pumps, fans etc., see also Control and Displays

  • Hybrid electric propulsion

  • Rotary actuator drives for high precision position control (e.g. blade pitch control)

  • Power electrical drives (e.g. wind / tidal turbines)


We can provide fully integrated systems including control hardware, software, user interface and sensors. Alternatively some customers just require us to develop or adapt software for a controller and user interface to run on an existing hardware platform.


Our systems are built on commercial off the shelf control hardware. Systems are cabinet mounted to provide the necessary IP protection. We develop software in accordance with IEC 61131, Simulink and C/C++ depending on the application.

Reygar prides itself on providing simple user interface displays which are intuitive to use. These are developed in careful consultation with the customer and can really help sell your product.


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