Customer: C-Truk

   Product: BareBOAT

     Vessel: SV-Maplin




Boats built by CTruk are designed to be used for a wide range of purposes – from commercial workboat and survey activities to crew transfer for offshore wind farms – which is why every vessel is subjected to rigorous sea trials before the design is verified and signed off.

James Mozden, Design Manager at CTruk, first started working with Reygar in 2015. At this time, Reygar was developing BareBOAT, its pioneering vessel data logging system that provides a host of valuable vessel information – all of which is gathered automatically and sent back to shore. This includes detailed records of engine and speed performance data, plus powertrain vibration and temperature as well as compartment temperatures and navigational information.

Given that such details can prove invaluable during sea trials, James was keen to try out the technology.

“There have been a number of instances where BareBOAT has flagged an issue to us at an early stage, making it far easier to identify any problems and get them resolved quickly,” explains James.
“For example, we had a situation where one of our boats wasn’t reaching its designated water speed. The information gathered by BareBOAT showed us there was an issue with the propulsion jet, which meant we could report this to the manufacturer, who could then see there was a problem with their specification and change the nozzle settings. This cut out what could have been months of going back and forth with suppliers as we tried to get to the root of the problem. 

“The beauty of BareBOAT is that it allows us all to be on the same page as our OEM suppliers, so there’s no finger-pointing.”

However, what James most values from the system is the ability to present the results of a sea trial in a clear and comprehensive way to customers. 

“The reports provided by BareBOAT are a useful ‘as-built’ record of the boat when it leaves our hands,” he adds.

His team continues to use BareBOAT and is currently looking to apply it “across the board.”

“A lot of our customers have kept the BareBOAT technology on board our boats to monitor warranty, as well as using the system for their own benefit.”