Live Shore Dashboard

Events are relayed from the console back to the shore server where they can be viewed live via our web portal, with an AIS style map showing vessel location and recent track. When the Master enters a new event, it appears on the portal. View live activity of all vessels in your fleet at a glance. In the event the vessel internet connection is lost, events are saved locally and relayed ashore once a connection is re-established.



Automatic Daily Reporting

At the end of each shift a daily report is automatically generated, presenting all the information gathered during the shift in a simple format. Customised reports can be generated for different audiences (eg internal circulation vs customer). Reports can also be created covering longer periods of time, or for the whole fleet rather than a single vessel.

DDPR report.png



Here are some of the advantages of Digital DPR:

  • Avoids time consuming copying of paper based logs into electronic format

  • Reports are more accurate and you get them quicker

  • View vessel / fleet activity live

  • Use for customer reporting / billing

  • Get customised reports presenting particular information you want for any period

Digital DPR

Digital Daily Reporting System

Digital-DPR can dramatically reduce the administrative burden of vessel daily progress reporting, and improves the accuracy and timeliness of daily reports. Throughout the course of a shift the vessel master enters live information via a vessel console. This data is relayed to Reygar's shore server where comprehensive daily reports are generated automatically at the end of the shift in electronic format.

Events are entered live by the Master via a dedicated touchscreen, typically located on the bridge. This info includes crew details, PAX and equipment transfers (for CTV customers), drills, bunkers taken onboard, waste discharged and weather information. The system can be easily adapted to report tasks or operations that are specific to a particular customer's operations.