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Fleet intelligence from boat to boardroom

BareFLEET is Reygars award-winning fleet remote monitoring system. It provides business-critical insight into fleet fuel use, emissions, machinery health, VMMS motion and navigational activity based on continuous on-board sensor measurements.

Gather comprehensive vessel data


Fully compatible with wide range of engines, navigation systems and third-party onboard equipment, BareFLEET captures and consolidates critical vessel data for analysis.

Automated reporting of KPI information

The BareFLEET reporting suite provides concise analysis of fleet fuel efficiency, environmental impact, machinery condition, motion sickness, crew transfer stability and navigational activity. When used alongside Digital DPR, crew log entries can be synthesised with onboard measurements to provide a comprehensive picture of vessel activity. From Daily Progress Reports to Monthly KPI trend analysis, BareFLEET provides unique boat to boardroom insight.


Alarms Trends

Fuel Burn

Motion / Impact / WBV

Environmental Impact

Versatility for different customers

The versatility of BareFLEET makes it suitable for use on a wide range of vessels, including tugboats, pilot vessels, fast ferries and general work boats as well as CTV / SOVs. BareFLEET can be retro-fitted to existing vessels as well as included in new builds. See testimonials from our varied customers on the different ways they have used BareFLEET.


It can also provide valuable insight to OEM engine manufacturers, wind farm operators and EPIC contractors. By selecting different BareFLEET options, customers can focus on the data that is useful to them, whether that is fuel, emissions, machinery health, vessel motion or crew transfer safety.


BareFLEET modules are available for:

  • VMMS motion monitoring (sea sickness, crew transfer stability, impact and Whole Body Vibration)

  • Digital DPR (tablet logbook for crew to record vessel activity, personnel, incidents, bunkering etc.)

  • Camera monitoring of deck activity (overlaid with vessel, engine, navigation and motion measurements)


BareFLEET partners with a range of third party cloud platform providers. This includes integrations to providers of met-ocean data, as well as fleet management and planned maintenance systems

- and this list is constantly growing.


External platform integration

Driving commercial and operational improvements


BareFLEET technology provides companies with the ability to improve many commercial aspects of their business, including reducing fuel use and emissions, dramatically reducing their reporting burden, increasing vessel availability and reducing maintenance costs. BareFLEET provides evidence of vessel performance and environmental impact, supporting customers bidding for tenders.

BareFLEET is a fully-scalable solution; whatever the size of your fleet, the system can grow with you.


Award-winning technology

BareFLEET won the European Commercial Marine "Spirit of Innovation" award for Marine Equipment, Electronics and Materials at Seawork 2017, sponsored by Lloyd's Register, Seawork and Maritime Journal.








The judging panel recognised the innovative nature of BareFLEET and its ability to positively impact the effectiveness and efficiency of vessel operations for fleet operators.​ They also commented on the comprehensiveness of data gathered by the system as well as the concise way in which information is presented via daily reports. Judges also recognised the wide applicability of the system to CTV, tug, ferry, pilot boat and workboat fleet operators.


Read the full story here.

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