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High Speed Transfers

Christopher Monan, COO, HST, said: “HST has commissioned an integrated system to deliver complete oversight over our fleet and personnel compliance, as well as to stay on top of vessel health. Having a central point of access for fleet-wide performance and operational reporting has significantly cut our administrative burden across the board - enabling crews to focus on maximising ‘time on turbine’ whilst empowering the shore team to expand our operational capabilities with innovative new vessels like the HST Ella, a hybrid Chartwell 24.”

Christopher Monan continued: “Accessed via CrewSmart’s vessel diary feature, BareFLEET’s reporting allows us to demonstrate to our clients where we add the most value. We can provide evidence to illustrate which conditions our vessels operate best in, how these conditions effect the vessel, and demonstrate our safety record in a clear, concise manner. This data not only allows us to make informed operational decisions around which vessels to deploy to which projects, but also improves our understanding of our suitability to tender to specific projects.”

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