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BareFLEET Reporting Suite

Reygar believes the real value of remote monitoring is in the reporting. BareFLEET gives you full visibility over fleet health, performance, VMMS motion and activity via concise reports. These are generated for individual vessels as well as the entire fleet and tailored to different users within your organisation. They provide daily/weekly/monthly updates, alongside access to real time data via Reygar's web portal.

Reporting suite features and benefits

Daily reporting of vessel alarms and machinery health warnings enables preventative maintenance and minimises vessel downtime

Monthly KPI summary reports (vessel utilisation, fuel consumption, engine hours, motion transfer scores, transit speeds) allow vessel performance evaluation and comparison

Fuel consumption / CO2 breakdown according to vessel operating mode and fuel efficiency vs vessel speed allow targeted, measurable reductions in fuel burn.

Automated activity log with time/location of events and key measurements cross checks against ship’s log, timesheets, fuel bunkering log etc

Live alerts of critical vessel alarms and key events enable quick action to be taken on shore where necessary

BareMOTION VMMS reporting for CTVs including transit motion sickness indication, bow heave motion, turbine transfer scoring, and impact acceleration / forces provide Wind Farm customers with the data they want

Digital DPR daily reporting reduces skipper workload onboard and streamlines the whole company internal and external reporting process onshore

Realtime web portal provides live fleet view of vessel location, operational status, speed, alarms and more

Remotely accessible video footage verifies activity in the event of an incident

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