Customer: Port of London Authority

   Product: BareFLEET

     Vessel: SV-Maplin




A Fleet Operator at the Port of London Authority (PLA), John Pinder is responsible for overseeing vessels that work to ensure navigational safety along the tidal Thames. In February 2016, John’s team launched a new vessel, Maplin, which carries out seabed surveys of the Thames estuary using hydrographic survey equipment mounted onboard. 

On joining John’s fleet, Maplin came fitted with Reygar’s BareFLEET system, which the boat builders had installed to help gather important data for their sea trials. A new innovation in the marine sector, BareFLEET is a fleet monitoring system, which provides a host of valuable information – including health, performance and positional details – all of which is gathered automatically and sent back to shore.

Once Maplin’s sea trials ended, John decided to keep BareFLEET in place, as the level of data it was capable of capturing was proving valuable for his own operational purposes. Reygar worked with John and his team to modify BareFLEET on Maplin so that it provided the specific information they needed to help their operations run as efficiently as possible.

“We use all the data it provides, from monitoring engine use to alarms,” he adds. “But for me, a major benefit is that all this information is available remotely in real time, as long as the boat is within mobile coverage range, which it rarely isn’t. This means I can keep tabs on things without calling the boat throughout the day to ask where they are and what they’re doing.”

As John receives daily automated reports, his crews will soon no longer have to manually complete the forms he previously relied on to get an idea of details such as where each vessel had been and how much fuel was used. Instead, the crew will soon have a computer-generated form to complete at the start of the day, which negates the need for further manual input, freeing them up to focus on all other aspects of their roles – and removing what John refers to as “paperwork that will simply end up archived somewhere”.

BareFLEET’s daily log of fuel use gives John an accurate and reliable record he can use for client billing. Plus, the fuel efficiency graphs provided have helped identified optimum speeds for cruising / surveying, which has allowed him to increase survey speeds knowing that the vessel is operating at its most fuel efficient level for the task. 

Because Maplin is still under warranty, it’s particularly useful for John to be able to monitor vessel health parameters, such as coolant temperature and oil pressure, to flag any problems to the boatbuilder should they occur.

“I’ve found Reygar very quick to respond to our requests and adapt the system to our particular needs,” says John. “Especially in the early days, we were constantly in email and phone contact with them and they never hesitated to tweak things whenever needed.”

Following their initial experience of BareFLEET, John and his team now have the system installed on two other vessels, with a view to introducing it on further boats.