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BareFLEET wins Innovation Award at Seawork

BareFLEET has won the "Spirit of Innovation" award for Marine Equipment, Electronics and Materials last night at Seawork 2017. Reygar is delighted that the judging panel recognised the innovative nature of BareFLEET and its ability to positively impact the effectiveness and efficiency of vessel operations for fleet operators.

The judges were impressed by the comprehensiveness of the data gathered by the system and the concise way in which information is presented via daily reports. They also recognised the wide applicability of the system to CTV, tug, ferry, pilot boat, and workboat fleet operators. The transparent way in which performance information can be made available to both fleet operators and potentially to their customers in an objective way was a major hit.

See here for the full story.

Chris Huxley-Reynard and Felix Francis from Reygar showcase their award with other category winners.

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