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Performance monitoring key to securing vessel emissions goals

Global maritime industry already has the tools available to drive down maritime emissions, but uptake currently too slow to enable real change, warns Reygar

BRISTOL, 22 FEBRUARY 2022: Vessel operators can no longer afford to underestimate the significance of vessel performance data in responding intelligently to growing market, and likely future legislative, pressures in 2022. That at least is according to Reygar, the leading provider of innovative remote monitoring and reporting platforms to the maritime sector, which urges the industry to finally embrace vessel performance monitoring as a means of activating effective pathways to fuel consumption and emissions reductions.

“The maritime sector has been slow to digitise, but the case for improved vessel performance analysis is growing too strong to ignore,” comments Chris Huxley-Reynard, Managing Director of Reygar. “But opportunities to implement data strategies and develop critical track records of performance abound across the maritime sector in 2022, with advantages to offer for those operators which seize the moment."

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