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Subsea Equipment Design


Reygar designs specialist electo-hydraulic mechanical equipment for operation subsea in partnership with supply chain partners. We can also help develop the associated marine operations for deploying and operating this equipment in the field. Invariably these two activities go hand in hand. This expertise has been developed based on our long term involvement in the subsea tidal turbine generating industry, having developed many such bespoke systems before. 


We have experience in the following specific areas:


  • Subsea heavy mechanical connection/clamping systems

  • Subsea lift systems including diverless connection of lift gear

  • Stab-plates for multiple wet-mate electrical / FO connectors

  • Subsea percussion drilling and piling systems

Here are some examples of projects we have been involved with.



Subsea heavy duty clamping system for DeepGEN tidal turbine


Subsea remote connect heavy lift system


Subsea percussion drilling system for securing piled foundations

Custom subsea enclosures for electronic equipment


Subsea winching and thruster system


ROV assisted subsea deployment system for buoyant tidal turbine

We specialise in developing innovative systems and methods of deploying equipment subsea that use smaller, more affordable and more readily available marine vessels (e.g. workboats and multicats). We have considerable experience in cost effective marinisation of non-marine equipment for operation in moderate depths, including sealed enclosures for electronic equipment. Where there is a control and monitoring requirement, we've also got that covered.

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