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Tidal Energy


Reygar's team has over 25 years combined involvement in the tidal turbine industry, covering all aspects of tidal device design, assembly testing and operation. We have unique experience and expertise in this field, having been intimately involved with major tidal turbine developers MCT and Tidal Generation over many years.


We have supported customers in a wide range of areas related to tidal (see Subsea Equipment Design), however we specialise in:


  • rotor hydrodynamic design

  • control system design 

  • system modelling

  • loads and performance modelling


Rotor Design

Reygar has proven expertise in the hydrodynamic design of tidal turbine rotor blades. Our team has designed the rotor blade geometry for both Tidal Generation and Marine Current Turbines devices. All of these rotors have operated successfully in the field and have generated several hundred MWHrs between them. We have also helped another OEM client optimise their existing rotor design.


Tidal rotor blade design is a compromise between hydrodynamic performance and structural efficiency. Particular attention must be paid to the blade root design and it’s interface with the rotor hub. The design process is highly iterative, requiring a good understanding of composite manufacturing techniques and benefitting from close liaison with the blade manufacturer. Reygar is accustomed to this integrated design approach.

Try downloading Reygar's free rotor modelling software. This tool provides a pseudo-static assessment of horizontal axis rotor performance and loading, based on the blade element momentum theory. It is broadly applicable to both tidal and wind turbines. It is distributed as Freeware according to Reygar's license terms which must be accepted before installation.



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