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Unmanned Vessel Autopilot

The design of V-PILOT draws on more than a decade of Dynamic Positioning and offshore wind support vessel monitoring experience gained from Reygar’s BareFLEET and StemTIDE systems. V-PILOT technology has been tried and tested on Unmanned Survey Solutions' Inception and Accession unmanned vessels as well as HydroSurv’s REAV-16 and REAV-40 USVs.


V-PILOT benefits

  • Simple to use on-shore UI for mission planning, vehicle monitoring and control

  • Robust track follow and position hold control modes, including action at a waypoint and programmable lost comms mission

  • Versatile onboard payload interface for commanding and monitoring 3rd party payload systems

  • Flexible propulsion interface for controlling thruster speed steering, including interface for Torqueedo thrusters

  • IP based vehicle-to-shore comms

  • Auto-generate missions via the UI or load missions created externally

  • Log all mission data locally and remotely

  • Compact IP rated controller enclosure with pluggable connections to vessel systems

Reav16 configuration 1.jpg
Accession 425 Hybrid USV (rough weather).JPG
reav16 - 3.png
Inception MK II USV.JPG

V-Pilot is an integrated autopilot and mission planning control system for unmanned survey vessels (USV's). The system can be used on small and large unmanned vessels for both inshore and coastal survey and inspection operations. It consists of an embedded controller on the vessel and a shore side user interface. The controller interfaces to a vessel's existing GPS and propulsion / steering systems. It combines comprehensive mission planning features with autonomous mission following and flexible survey payload interface capabilities

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