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Remote Access to Data


BareMOTION logs all data and relays this on to Reygar's cloud server. Vessel motion for transit and each pile transfer is typically presented in a daily report. You can also view the raw motion data from the shore using Reygar's web portal.


The system reports vessel motion information back to shore simply and concisely. BareMOTION reports are generated automatically from Reygar's cloud server using data relayed remotely from the IMU on each the vessel.

Report content includes:

  • Turbine Transfer Log, identifying which turbines were visited at what time, with average heave motion at each

  • Graph for each transfer showing bow motion and impact accel (see opposite)

  • Motion Sickness Dose Value reported for each transit

  • Overall acceleration time history and bar chart presented for each shift

Motion reports are typically issued on a daily basis. Reports are emailed to named recipients and also stored in a shared folder for future reference. They can be shared directly with the wind farm operator, to provide a detailed and impartial log of pile transfer activity and motion. This is a helpful way to demonstrate the vessel is meeting its contractual obligations as well as looking after all personnel on board. It can also reduce the burden of manual reporting. BareMOTION provides monthly summaries of motion data.


The system has been developed with reference to the Carbon Trust's OWA Recommended Procedures for the gathering and presentation of vessel motion data.

BareMOTION is a highly functional and affordable VMMS with a wide range of benefits for both Crew Transfer Vessel and Wind Farm operators as well as vessels carrying passengers.


Here are some of the advantages of BareMOTION:

  • Helps win contracts by providing customers with evidence of vessel sea keeping performance

  • Provides supporting evidence you are meeting ongoing contractual performance obligations

  • Demonstrates you are looking after the well being of crew and passangers

  • Logs every turbine tower transfer by time and tower ID

  • Records heave motion and pile pushon force for each turbine transfer

  • Can provide CCTV footage of a particular transfer, accessible remotely

  • Reduces the burden of manual reporting

  • Data can be automatically relayed to shore

  • Information is presented via clear, simple daily reports

  • Use live dashboard to support decision making during turbine tower transfers




What it Measures

BareMOTION measures and logs vertical heave acceleration and displacement along with associated heave period. It also measures vessel pitch and roll. Measurements are made using a dedicated IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). Calculated motion can be referred to both the cabin and the bow from a single sensor mounted in a convenient location (eg the bridge). A camera system can be added to video bow motion and save files for remote download on shore.


Vessel Motion Monitoring System

BareMOTION measures and reports on vessel ride comfort (i.e. motion sickness) and vertical heave motion relative to fixed structures. These measurements can be combined with CCTV camera footage of vessel motion which is accessible remotely. Its primary application is for OWT crew transfer vessels, but it also has broader application for monitoring passenger or crew comfort (e.g. passenger ferries). BareMOTION is offered as an integrated modude added to the core BareFLEET remote monitoring system.

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