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Wind Energy


Reygar offers fully integrated wind turbine control and monitoring systems including controller hardware, software and associated SCADA system. We can also undertake loads and performance modelling services and rotor blade aerodynamic design. We specialise in the design of controllers for smaller turbines generally under 500kW.

Our systems can control main power train, yaw, pitch and auxiliary sub-systems. We use commercial off the shelf control hardware to offer a simple, robust and cost effective solution. We can work with you to help develop the technical specification for all aspects of the system including remote monitoring and supervisory control.


We are familiar with industry standard design and modelling tools such as Bladed and FAST. Reygar also has our own rotor modelling software which is a useful starting point for customers wanting to assess preliminary rotor performance and loading (follow link to free download).

The scope of our services is flexible and tailored to your requirements.


Concept to Certification

We offer support from early concept design through to device certification and testing, including post sales in the field support. We can help with:

  • Early turbine concept design (sizing, preliminary loads)

  • Developing full technical specification for control system and other sub-systems

  • Loads and performance modelling

  • Rotor blade aerodynamic and structural design

  • Identifying OEM sub-system suppliers

  • Integrated system modelling

  • Control system detail design and manufacture

  • SCADA system provision

  • Sub-system and integrated system level testing

  • Certification

  • Post-sales control system support

We invest significant effort in making systems simple to use and maintain both for you and your customers.

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