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Innovative, adaptable, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of maritime operations challenges

Reygar provides robust and reliable performance monitoring and control solutions for crewed and uncrewed vessels of all sizes and functions in challenging marine environments.









The company was founded in 2012 by Chris Huxley-Reynard and Felix Francis. Both wanted to apply their extensive experience in offshore renewables, maritime operations and new marine technologies to support vessel operators in running fleets more effectively and efficiently. Their solid understanding of the practical challenges faced by mariners and vessel operators, coupled with a practical, hands-on approach to problem solving, has translated into award-winning, simple to use, cost-effective technology.


Reygar has a strong partnership ethic and works collaboratively with industry peers to achieve sector goals. The team strives to overcome even the most difficult technical challenges and lead the charge towards decarbonisation and optimal fleet efficiency for its customers.

Find out more about our products: BareFLEET, V-Pilot and StemTIDE.


Chris Huxley-Reynard, Managing Director


Chris has worked for 20 years in the commercial marine and marine renewables industries. He has extensive experience of offshore wind and tidal turbine marine operations. As former founder director of Rolls Royce subsidiary Tidal Generation Ltd, he understands how to bring cutting edge R&D to commercialisation. An aeronautical engineer by training, his broad technical expertise in hydrodynamics, offshore electro-mechanical engineering and software development combined with his hands-on, practical offshore experience means he brings a multi-disciplinary approach to developing new technology. Chris lectures at Bristol University on marine renewables.


Felix Francis / Reygar Engineering

Felix Francis, Technical Director


Felix is a control engineering specialist with 25 years experience in the marine and diesel automotive industries. He was responsible for engineering the control system for Siemen's "Seagen" subsea tidal turbine, generating thousands of MWHrs of clean electricity. He has considerable practical marine experience, having developed a range of systems that operate in punishing marine environments. Felix trained as both a mechanical and control systems engineer and is the lead technical authority for the design of new products at Reygar.


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