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Dynamic Positioning


StemTIDE is a simple, affordable dynamic positioning control system for use on small commercial vessels. It can also be adapted for use on unmanned and remotely controlled craft. The system provides single joystick control of all vessel thrusters and rudders as well as fully automatic holding of position and heading and weathervane mode. The system can follow a set course and speed over the ground, follow an ROV or carry out

a programmed mission. It is particularly

effective operating in strong tidal

and river currents.

StemTIDE is versatile and simple to use

StemTIDE benefits

  • Greatly improved manoeuvrability for small commercial vessels under joystick control

  • Excellent positional accuracy in auto mode, less strain than holding position manually

  • Ideal for survey vessels following a track over the ground at slow speed

  • Effective in strong tidal and river currents

  • Can be retro-fitted to existing propulsion and steering systems

  • Affordable solution for overall control of small autonomous vessels

  • Controller has compact and lightweight physical form

  • Designed to IMO guidelines for "DP0" systems

Severn Sea workboat, ROV support and survey vessel with StemTIDE installed


Remote control and autonomous vessels

For remotely controlled or semi-autonomous vessel applications, StemTIDE can work with a remote control console via HF RF or mobile GSM. All the features of normal dynamic positioning control are available. This includes the ability to hover in a fixed position in wind and tide until a joystick command to move in a particular direction is received.

A live camera feed can be incorporated to provide a first person view. The "Return Home" function can bring the vessel back home automatically in the event of extended loss of communications or critical low battery.
Extended missions can be programmed into the controller as a series of waypoints and speeds. There is the flexibility to programme further intelligence into the control system for autonomous applications. There is also the possibility to combine StemTIDE with the remote monitoring features of BareFLEET, to provide an effective SCADA system for autonomous vessels.

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