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Continuous Improvement "Boat to Boardroom"

BareFLEET offers commercial benefits at different levels in your organisation, from supporting engineering and maintenance teams to helping to secure new contracts. BareFLEET is fully scalable, enabling the system to grow with vessel businesses, or work for small and large companies.

Commercial benefits:

Increase vessel availability through preventative maintenance, reducing vessel downtime

Avoid expensive machinery breakdowns by catching problems early

Reduce / eliminate your current reporting burden, both internally and externally

Keep accurate, comprehensive records for future reference, in particular for new tenders

Reduce fuel consumption; understand where the biggest costs arise and be able to measure improvements

Share vessel performance KPI information with end customers, promoting transparency and building trust

Feedback measured operational performance data to improve the safety of operations for you and your customers

Leverage additional benefit from your own 3rd party fleet management, crewing and PMS systems through integration with BareFLEET data

BlackBox-type forensic data recording provides customers with total confidence in the event of an incident

Support warranty management (for boat builders)

Validate and improve vessel designs (Naval architects and boat builders)

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