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BareFLEET Data Capture

Fully compatible with wide range of engines, navigation systems and third-party systems, BareFLEET captures and consolidates critical vessel data for analysis:

Comprehensive data capabilities

Engine health monitoring -> hours, alarms and early health warnings

VMMS bow heave, motion sickness and impact acceleration / force

Fuel consumption / efficiency

VMMS monitoring including bow vertical heave motion, impact accel / forces and motion sickness indication

Machinery vibration, oil quality, bearing temp and other custom sensors

Connects to thrusters, stabilisers, shore power, ship alarms, hydraulics…

Digital Daily Progress Reporting (DPR) system takes skipper’s digital input via vessel console

(personnel onboard, turbine Pax transfers, fuel/water bunkering, drills, weather reports…)

Hardware and software are flexible and customisable

Compatible with wide range of diesel engines and sub-systems

Exchanges data with 3rd party fleet / crew management and PMS systems

(Crewsmart, IDEA SBA, Synchrofleet…)


Reygar BareFLEET Logger.JPG

​The data logger is a compact IP68 unit that can be screwed down to a panel or bulkhead either in the wheelhouse or below decks.

It has built-in sensors for measuring GPS position as well as pitch, roll and heave. It comes with dedicated mobile GSM connectivity as standard. ​​

The logger directly connects to NMEA2000, NMEA0183, J1939, Ethernet, and RS232/422 networks. BareFLEET also connects to a wide range of analogue sensors, with all data from different sources being logged simultaneously. 

BAREFleet installation
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