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Vessel Instrument Display and Data Logger

The BareBOAT module is an addition to the basic BareFLEET system. It allows visualisation and detailed analysis of vessel performance during sea trials via a local display on the vessel. As well as gathering data from existing vessel systems, custom sensors can also be added to the system. BareBOAT allows live viewing of all data, logging and historic analysis. Data can be viewed remotely on shore as well as locally on board. 



Here's how BareBOAT can help you:

  • Condition monitoring where you have a known issue, for example vibration, bearing temperature, oil quality, structural fatigue etc.

  • Comprehensive and simultaneous monitoring of speed, heave, pitch/roll, rate of turn, engine operating parameters, fuel efficiency and weather

  • Evidence of the vessel meeting its design requirements (e.g. vibration levels, sound levels, temperature limits, maneovering capability)

  • "As-built" record of vessel performance under sea trials

  • Helps boat builders quickly resolve warranty issues with customers and suppliers

  • Optimise future designs based on real vessel use

  • Access detailed high frequency data for fault diagnosis

Measurement Options

  • Engine RPM, temp, press etc.

  • Fuel flow and bunker levels

  • Position, speed, course, ROT

  • Speed through water

  • Wind speed and direction

  • Pitch, roll and vertical heave

  • Vertical RMS acceleration

  • Impact force

  • Alarms (engine, bilge etc.)

  • Vibration (bearings/engine)

  • Oil quality

  • Strain in structure

Analysing Data


Live and historic data can be viewed locally and remotely. Reygar provides the software for doing this including a data analysis tool to make the viewing and interpretation of historic data easier.



For live viewing of data, Reygar's vessel dashboard displays configurable dials/bars as well as a rolling graph for comparing parameters. This dashboard isn't just restricted to on board use ; in "Live Mode" it can be operated remotely from on shore (with an adequate mobile GSM signal). When using the dashboard you can manually enter text comments which are time-stamped and added to the logfile, e.g "Started second vessel speed test @2000RPM". The dashboard runs on any Windows device.



Reygar provides a data analysis tool for convenient viewing of historic data. This allows you quickly plot parameters against time or against each other as well as to combine data from different log files (or different vessels). Since data is logged in .csv format you can also easily view it using your existing software of choice (eg Microsoft Excel).


BareBOAT hardware is compatible with the cloud features of BareFLEET. So if you want to take advantage of BareFLEET's automatic daily reporting and the Reygar web portal for remote viewing of data, you can do this with a BareBOAT data logger. See the Fleet Monitoring page for more information.

BareBOAT is a highly flexible instrument display and data logger with a broad range of applications. Download the technical specification for more information.



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