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BareFLEET on all newbuild CTVs for Windcat

Windcat Workboats, Europe’s leading provider of specialist crew transfer vessels to the offshore wind industry, has been using Reygar’s BareFLEET telematics technology on selected workboats in its fleet since 2020. The company now plans to install BareFLEET on all new build crew transfer vessels - five are currently on order, including two dual-fuel hydrogen designs.

Phillip Goffin, IT Manager for Windcat, said:

“BareFLEET is an invaluable tool for comparing vessel performance data between our conventional diesel and dual-fuel hydrogen craft. The decision to install the technology on new vessels demonstrates our commitment to meeting the reporting needs of our customers with a digitalised vessel fleet.”

In 2022, Windcat also rolled out Reygar’s digital daily reporting system, Digital DPR, on over 50 vessels, servicing their own daily reporting requirements as well as those of their customers with a single, centralised reporting solution.

Digital DPR enables Windcat to generate customised daily progress reports (DPRs) for each client’s varying needs, as well as internal management reports for their own back office, reducing both crew and shore-based staff workloads and saving valuable time.

Reygar continues to work closely with Windcat to evolve the digital logbook software around the vessel operator’s specific requirements, further streamlining daily reporting processes.

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