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Example DC Control System design

Vessel Control and Alarm 


Reygar provides fully integrated control and alarm systems. We tailor systems to your requirements based on a standard modular design, using commercial off the shelf hardware to offer a cost effective solution. We develop, test and support all associated control software in house. Our systems are reliable and simple to use. With Reygar's control systems you can:

  • control lights, fans, pumps etc

  • read fluid level and flow/pressure switches and show alarms

  • display tank levels, fluid flow rate and other analogue sensors

  • display engine parameters and alarms

  • display navigational / wind information

  • connect to BareBOAT and display information from this system



Modular Design

Our systems are built to a standard modular design. A central push-button display (IEC 60945) is connected to multiple switch cabinets installed in different machinery spaces round the vessel. Sensors and actuators are wired locally into these cabinets. Each cabinet communicates back to the display via a CAN bus network. Additional displays can be added to provide multiple control stations round the vessel.



The display is elegant and compact, useful where dash space is at a premium. Simply scroll through the different screens to view and control each group of services.


The switch cabinets incorporate manual override switches to operate critical circuits so there is a backup means of operating bilge pumps etc in the extremely unlikely event of a CANbus system failure.

Reygar engineers the complete control system including design and build of switch cabinets and programming of the displays. The switch cabinet terminals are clearly labelled so the customer can connect up services themselves - or Reygar can do this for you. Fit out time is greatly reduced by reducing the length and complexity of heavy cable runs.

It is generally straightforward to expand or modify the system since the display is fully configurable and additional cabling is kept to a minimum.

Reygar's control and alarm systems can directly interface with our BareBOAT , BareMOTION or BareFLEET systems. The display can show data from these systems (e.g. vessel heave motion) as well as allowing sensor data to be logged and reported back to shore (e.g. state of bilge float switches or fuel bunker levels).

Download the brochure.


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